How Do I Order?

1.    Delivery Fee:
Our delivery starts at $3.99 and goes up based on distance from the restaurant. There is a minimum food order of $15. Our top delivery fee will be $11.99 or 10 miles. Minimum orders are required and the delivery fee does not include any tip you wish to leave for your mobile waiter. (They work hard, honestly).

2.    Delivery Time:
30 – 50 minutes. Delivery times vary based on traffic, the restaurant's ability to prepare food and weather conditions. We recommend large orders be placed at least two hours in advance.

3.    Forms of payment:
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and cash. We do not currently accept personal checks.

4.    Office Lunches:
We specialize in group lunch deliveries! Create an account and click Office Orders to begin a group delivery.

5.    Telephone Orders:
You are welcome to call us on 903-744-5597 to place an order. We aren't always able to accept telephone orders due to very busy periods.